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Concluding the Gitlab Discussion

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks we've had a discussion on whether we'd like to
migrate from Phabricator to Gitlab, for handling both our code reviews
as well as internal tasks (user facing bug reports are explicitly out
of context at this time)

Based on the comments the overall consensus seems to be at this stage
to favour switching to Gitlab.

This however is subject to a caveat around multiple task boards, which
would be needed for larger projects to effectively coordinate amongst
the various sub-projects.

As part of the transition we will also arrange for the email interface
to be enabled (for emailing in patches) and for the default for merges
to be rebase when it's not a fast forward merge for all repositories.

Does anyone have any final comments?

In terms of the steps forward from here, Sysadmin will need a bit of
time to prepare various parts of the infrastructure for the transition
(such as the anongit network, which will need a full rebuild as part
of switching).

Once this is complete, we'll be in touch with more information on how
the transition will take place.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin