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Re: Aw: Re: setWindowIcon for QDialog

HI Martin,

> My suggestion is to try whether any other icon works. And if it does so,
> ensure that all relevant icon sizes are available for the
> labplot-worksheet.
"labplot-worksheet" was just an example, not a good one maybe. I used this 
icon name just to show how we set the dialog icon. labplot-worksheet itself is 
not used for any dialogs. Sorry for the confusion.

The icon shown in the screenshots I attached (windows vs. kwin) in the 
previous email is "document-import-database". I cannot find this icon on my 
computer now nor in breeze-icons repository, only "document-import". I'll 
check tomorrow what we have in our windows build. Anyway, switching to 
"document-import" doesn't help...

I just checked with another icon and dialog:

Here we use "network-server-database". This icon is available
alex@notebook:/usr/share/icons/breeze>find . -name network-server-database*

But in the dialog I don't get any icon shown. I'm not sure what a fixed pixel 
size means here for svg, though... Any other hints?

Danke und Viele Grüße,