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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration


On Sat, 23 Feb 2019, at 10:44, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Based on all of the above we'd like to propose migrating towards
> Gitlab. Comments?

Just a small FYI from the migration of the VideoLAN community.

We're moving almost everything from git/gitosis, jenkins, trac, patchwork, mediawiki, gitweb to gitlab and gitlab-ci.

We have projects that are very very classical (ML + Patches, with people using only mutt to read) to projects that are MR-only, with no mailing lists at all. So far, the model works for everyone.
And the CI is a godsend, especially after working with jenkins.

The only big downside, (besides some small bugs), is the bugtracker that is the usual "github issue" clone.
Aka, not a bugtracker: no custom fields, no customization possible, horrible labeling system and people using it to track their issues (aka, I cannot read the documentation and read how to compile, which should be in the forum).

So far, the gitlab team does not want to address those concerns, and will add the required features in the non-open source edition.

The rest is great.


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