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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration

On 2/26/19 6:26 PM, boud@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
* I've seen one workboard per project, that's not ideal, otoh, the Krita community early on went overboard with workboards, so we can make do with that

I consider this one a blocker, and it's one of the things we've told GitLab we really want in the CE.

Let's expand in on this. On Phab, we currently have boards like "Wayland" that contain issues from different projects. In the GitLab CE, it's currently only possible to have one board per project, and it's possible to put projects into a hierarchy. I.e. when all projects are sub-projects on a "KDE" one, it becomes possible to have a board at the "KDE" level that contains issues from different subprojects. But that means "Wayland" could be the only board, which is rubbish.

I have every expectations we will get this. GitLab has once made public promise that they would not put arbitrary numeric limitations on the CE offering, and "one board per project" is an arbitrary numeric limitation vs. "as many boards as you want".

Side note: GitLab also has a concept called "Epics" that's kind of like boards without the columns. We don't know yet, as a community, if we would use to use these and how, I guess, but they seem interesting.