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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration

On 2/26/19 4:17 AM, Nate Graham wrote:
Like you, I have some reservations about Gitlab. I'm not thrilled about losing approve/request changes statuses (that's in the EE edition only right now).

Me too. It's one of the things we're asking to be moved to the CE -- and so is Gnome. GitLab knows we're talking to each other and doubling down on this need.

> the kdesrc-build experience

How would GitLab impact the kdesrc-build experience?

> Landing patches is time-consuming and error-prone.

Yes. As a maintainer of things I often land patches by new contributors without dev access, and it's super annoying and painful. `arc patch`, remember to correct author info, merge around, ...

> Phab's system that attempts (and fails) to abstract away Git itself

I think Phab was originally written for SVN - it shows I guess.