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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration

Em 23/02/2019 06:44, Ben Cooksley escreveu:
> Based on all of the above we'd like to propose migrating towards
> Gitlab. Comments?

It is nice to see this happening, thanks for sysadmin team, onboarding
team and all the people involved. For the good or not so good reasons,
the repository interfaces github-like are now the standard and it is
common to see developers asking to use github because it potentially
brings more developers to the project. Gitlab is a way to offer it to
now current and potentially new contributors.

Just some questions:

1. Do KDE developers need to create accounts in Gitlab instance or a
script will do it for us?

2. Will be there any restriction to host projects not related to KDE?
Any people can host personal repositories? Including private ones?

3. Will gitlab be a replacement to identity?

4. Is there any date to officially start the migration for all projects?
How will it be?


Filipe Saraiva