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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration

On zaterdag 23 februari 2019 14:49:25 CET Konstantin Kharlamov wrote:

> As someone who uses gitlab on a dayjob I can tell it's pretty easy too. 
> With disregard to server interface you do `git push my-fork HEAD`, 
> right? Now, when you push to gitlab server, you get in the git output a 
> link that refers to creating a merge request to upstream. You just 
> click it, and then in a browser press "Ok".

No, you misunderstand me. In the first place, we've got a lot of people in our community who wouldn't understand a single word of that paragraph. What they understand is

* clone the repo
* hack
* type 'git diff > mydiff.diff'
* upload the diff for review
* add a bit of text explaining the change
* wait for me or dmitry to look at their patches

They don't have push access to kde's git server at all, so I guess 'git push my-fork HEAD' won't work in any case.

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