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Re: Gitlab Evaluation & Migration

On zaterdag 23 februari 2019 10:44:11 CET Ben Cooksley wrote:

> https://notes.kde.org/p/gitlab-evaluation-notes

A few notes on my side:

* Krita has been using the mockup functionality extensively. We would miss that functionality, as we actually do UX design for our new features.

* It's ages since I used gitlab myself (2015, I think), but I've always found the ease with which a patch can be submitted for a repo a good thing in phabricator. 

* Is there anything we can have that can replace tasks and workboards? We usually have some very long-running tasks that get a lot of sub-tasks and that basically document our development process. One thing I've learned with Phabricator is that project planning and issue tracking have nothing to do with each other.


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