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Re: Drag and drop notifications


at a glance it looks like you only pass a local path, the URL must be a fully qualified URL string, like file:///foo/bar.

Kai uwe

Am 21.02.19 um 18:55 schrieb Magnus Groß:
Hi there,

Spectacle allows you to drag and drop the screenshot notification
directly into other apps and I am trying to implement the same feature
for Flameshot: https://github.com/lupoDharkael/flameshot/pull/473

However, somehow for me, when I drag and drop the notification into
Dolphin, it only offers an option to symbolic link the file.

How can I get the option to also copy and move the file?

I am setting the x-kde-urls hint, but it looks like this is not enough.

Spectacle seems to be doing the very same thing and has it working
correctly and I do not see what I am doing differently?

I would appreciate any help,

P.S. I am using Dbus directly instead of the KNotification abstraction,
but I am basically doing the same thing.