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Re: GSoC 2019: Project Proposal for a New Game

Hello Pranam,

On 05.02.19 10:56, Pranam Lashkari wrote:
> Today is the last day for the organization application. I was still hoping
> if there is anyone who could mentor me for this project.

this is the Deadline for KDE only. Until that day KDE as organization
can apply to participate in GSoC.

The student application deadline is much later. This proposal should
also be much more detailed, your proposal is more of a short idea in
line with the ideas we add to this wiki page:

In general, the idea seems to be more of a new playmode in KBrickBuster.
It seems a bit shallow in my opinion, but maybe you can expand to it by
e.g. having different objects behave physically different and/or add a

A GSoC project should take around 3 months of coding nearly full-time to
finish, so also thing about the scope of your project.


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