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GSoC Ideas page

Hi all, tonight I've moved the project headings which were empty of ideas from the 2019 page. I pasted them into the end of last year's Ideas page [1] in case some of you (choqok, kopete, kdevelop, kgpg, kwin, peruse, plasma, wikitolearn) are going to add ideas late and want those headers back. I added all the relevant information I could find before opening up the page to ideas; I should have alphabetized them first! 

They are alphabetized them now [2]. Better late than never. 

A few ideas still have no mentors listed; please get that done now. (KDEConnect, LabPlot, Okular). TBD or "the team" are not good enough for our proposal!

Reminder: our deadline is 6 February; less than a week. The org application is done except for the Ideas page.