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Troubles with icon themes

Hello KDE developers,

I wonder if someone can help me work out what is going on here.

I have build some KDE applications (konsole and okular) from source using kdesrc-build, using QT5 version 5.11.3 also built from sources. The applications build and run, but do not load the icons used in the UI. I have the following lines in ~/.config/kdeglobals:


and running strace on the application reveals that it is finding and crawling the oxygen icon theme directories. However, if I rename the oxygen theme directory to hicolor then the application does find the icons correctly.

I have written a trivial Qt test, using 'QIcon::setThemeName("oxygen")' to set the theme and it works fine.

I also note that kiconfinder5 also finds the icons in the oxygen directory.

I've tried some reverse-engineering/debugging but succeeded only in getting lost in the code.

One thing I suspect it that the problem might be related to my development environment, which is a sandboxed Docker container with no display manager installed. I understand that KDE tries to work out what icon theme is already in use by an installed display manager, so perhaps this environment is somehow triggering some unexpected (by me at least) behaviour.

Thanks as always.