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GSoC org application time

Hi all, I've started our application. 

The deadline for applications: February 6, 2019 at 12:00 (PST). 

By the deadline, we need to have an absolutely *splendid* Ideas page (1). Before the deadline, I'll remove all the placeholders such as teams with no Ideas listed, or ideas with no mentors listed. Teams which have participated in the past but are empty still: KDE Partition Manager, Kopete, Choqok, Peruse, KGpg, KWin, Plasma, WikiToLearn, KDevelop and Xdg-desktop-portal-kde.

So far, I'm the only admin listed. Anyone game to help administer this year? It works well when we have a team, so that any of us can have an off-week (or week off) sometimes. There are two aspects to being an org admin: working with mentors, and working with students. "Paperwork" is a very small part of the job.

The mentor work is all about helping mentors and their teams work well with their student. Some need coaching on communication, poking to do their evaluations, etc.

The student work in the beginning is coaching students in getting involved, creating their devel environment, helping them craft their proposals and get linked into the teams, and so forth. Later, it will be helping them through the tough spots, especially when their mentors aren't being helpful, or even helping withdraw gracefully. 

We need at least one more admin, and can have up to five. Please write to KDE-Soc-management@xxxxxxx (not me personally please!) about your interest.

All the best,