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Upcoming Service Downtime

Hi all,

Sysadmin is currently in the process of planning server migrations for
a large number of services which have significant visibility, and
which are often substantially involved in the release process for
projects as well as general community operation.

As it may take several hours to perform these migrations, we are
asking people to please let us know when they are planning to do
things for the next month or so to allow us to schedule the migrations
accordingly. Each migration will be done separately in turn (this
won't be an all at once exercise).

The affected services include:
- All CMS sites (dot.kde.org, krita.org, akademy.kde.org, labplot.kde.org, etc)
- All Wikis (userbase, techbase, community, etc)
- All CiviCRM instances
- Forum
- Nextcloud instance (share.kde.org)
- Content distributions networks (download.kde.org, files.kde.org, etc)
- Realtime chat services (Jabber, IRC bots such as pursuivant and sKreamer, BNC)
- Event management services (events.kde.org, conf.kde.org,

Should anyone have any questions regarding this, please let us know.