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i18n po files : Hooks for number of arguments on SVN

I'm facing an issue with translation of kdeconnect_android, their res/values/strings.xml ressources file contains :

<plurals name="incoming_files_text">
<item quantity="one">File: %1s</item>
<item quantity="other">(File %2$d of %3$d) : %1$s</item>

Understandably (in KDE/QT context), the SVN commit pre-hook rejects this plural form message because the singular contains 1 argument and the plural form 3 arguments. However for an Android app this seems like a valid construct.

How does the SVN pre-commit hook work and how customizable is it ?
Is there a way to add/detect a tag in the context which would then disable this specific check ?
Else I guess the kdeconnect team has to find a way to add %2 and %3 as dummy argument in the singular string or the translation teams cannot commit singular forms.
Simon Depiets