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Re: Contributing to KDE is hard because of its build architecture

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. We have an ongoing initiative to ease 
the process of getting involved [0]

On 12/9/18 10:51 AM, Martin Flöser wrote:
 > sorry for your bad experienced, but I think it would have been much
 > easier. Assuming you are on a Debian based distribution the steps should
 > just be:
 > * sudo apt build-dep kmail
 > * kdesrc-build kde-pim
 > I personally don't have all dependencies build from source, but just the
 > one I develop. Everything else I do through distro packages. I would
 > never try to build something like webengine from source, that's just a
 > mess.

That approach works fine for most KDE software. However KMail (and probably all 
the other PIM products) is special in this regard since it always requires the 
latest PIM libraries, so the distro packages are too old in most cases. You 
could use a virtual machine running KDE Neon Developer Edition Unstable to get 
the required packages. The PIM team provides a Docker container [1] that 
bundles KDE Neon and kdesrc-build. It helped me a lot building KDE PIM 

[0] https://phabricator.kde.org/T7116
[1] https://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Docker