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Re: Transitioning CI builds of all non-Frameworks from Qt 5.9

On Monday, 3 December 2018 01:30:25 PST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Can't you just configure the CI to use Qt 5.10? I think it's not good to
> hardcode an "overzealous" (for lack of a better word) Qt version in
> projects that don't require them AND I think that one should support the
> current LTS release in as many projects as possible as a general rule of
> principle.
> There's a reason why those LTS releases exist and that should probably be
> taken into consideration ESPECIALLY for the KF5 Frameworks (remember why
> kdelibs4 was split up)!

Which is exactly why 5.11.3 (released today) should be picked. It contains all 
fixes that 5.9.7 contains, whereas 5.10.1 does not. Moving from 5.9.7 to 
5.10.1 means regressing all those fixes.

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