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Question about KNewStuff *.knsrc files and manualy installation

For example, we have KDE Aplication program with knsrc files for KNS3::DownloadDialog (from KHotNewStuff - KDE Framework).
Acording to documentation (https://api.kde.org/frameworks/knewstuff/html/classKNS3_1_1DownloadDialog.html, "Detailed Description")  KNewStuff searchs knsrc files only in /etc/xdg directory.
It works good for packages from repository, because in this case, if we install knsrc files using KDE_INSTALL_CONFDIR, in package the files will be in /etc/xdg.
But, if we build and install the program from source, we have some problems: we could don't change CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (/usr/local/ by default) or change it to /opt, for example. And in this cases KDE_INSTALL_CONFDIR will be different from /etc/xdg.
And DownloadDialog can't found our knsrc files.
So, anyone know good solution for this problem, except obvious passing cmake the confdir variable to code as preprocessor variable and using dialog constructor with  path to configuration file?

Best Regards,