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Re:Getting Started With KDE

Hello Gregor,

I am not at all trying to put off a newcomer, but I firmly believe that using search engines can help one get involved in KDE development with ease.

If you find conflicting answers about getting involved in KDE, could you please report them? It's something we need to fix.

Best regards,

---- On Вт, 30 окт 2018 11:56:14 +0300 codestruct@xxxxxxxxxx wrote ----

> Amazing what search engines can do these days!

This is ironic speech, isn't it? Such thing does not help to provide a warm welcome but rathers scares people off. Search engines can yield conflicting results and the question of the new guy is perfectly valid.

Maybe an apology could be issued... :-)



Am 30.10.2018 09:39 schrieb Ilya Bizyaev:


When working on open source projects, you shouldn't expect to always be guided by someone.

A quick Google search for "KDE get involved" gives me this awesome article: https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved

Then, assuming I need a simple task to start with, I google "KDE junior jobs", and get a link to https://community.kde.org/KDE/Junior_Jobs

Amazing what search engines can do these days!

Hope this helps.



---- On Вт, 30 окт 2018 04:51:21 +0300 jinxinwa@xxxxxxx wrote ----

To whom it may concern,
Hello, I am a student new to KDE community. I want to get involved with KDE development to hone my programming skills and make contribution to KDE. But I don't know what work I can do and where do I start. Could anyone give me some guidance? It would be better if we can discuss directly. Thank you all!