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Re: New Contributor...

On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 04:19:34PM +0000, Patrick Flynn wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I am Patrick, and I wish to contribute to the KDE project. Before going much further, allow me to give some background information.
> I am currently a college student, and I've been programming for about four years now. Most of my experience is in C++ using the Qt framework. In fact many of my projects are on Github, and can be found here: https://github.com/patrickf2000?tab=repositories.
> I am a longtime Linux user, and I've been using KDE for about two years now. I recently started hacking around some of the code in the projects. I wish to start contributing, mainly to the desktop apps, as I feel that that would be a great learning experience, a fun hobby, and a way to give back and further improve (what I think) is some of the best software out there.
> What are some ways I can contribute and get started? Yesterday, I did submit my first patch, and I'm working on another one right now for ksysguard.
> I hope I can become an active and useful contributor in the community. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

Hi Patrick. Thanks for reaching out!

I also started contributing to KDE as a college student, nearly 15 years
ago. There are lots of ways to contribute!

I recommend starting here: https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved

This page goes over some of the many of the things we need help on,
ranging from bug triage, to documentation, to promotion, accessibility
and even code development.

There's so much that could be done that it could seem overwhelming, and
that's more the case today than it was when I was trying to figure out
where to pitch in and help.

In my case I focused on an app that I liked that seemed simple enough
(JuK), pitching in with bug triage, then easy bug fixes, then simple
features. As I gained experience, I moved to a wider range of

For yourself, it's all a matter of where your interests lie. You might
look at https://planet.kde.org/ to see what the KDE Community has been
up to and see if anything looks interesting. Or look through the code
review requests at https://phabricator.kde.org/differential/ to see what
near-term issues we've been looking to fix and how we do code review.

Whatever you do, we can use the help -- your contributions can make a
difference! If you could, we would also appreciate your feedback as you
become an active contributor to see how we can improve on helping new
contributors become active.

You see, one of our community's major goals (at
https://dot.kde.org/2017/11/30/kdes-goals-2018-and-beyond) is to improve
this process. If you come across anything that seems like a barrier we'd
like to know so we can address it for future members of the Community.

 - Michael Pyne