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Re: auto QString(Builder) considered VERY HARMFUL -> use clazy, especially before releases

Am Freitag, 28. September 2018, 01:03:01 CEST schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> El dijous, 27 de setembre de 2018, a les 21:01:13 CEST, Friedrich W. H. 
Kossebau va escriure:
> > One would recommend to run clazy over your code at least before releases,
> > to catch all kind of potential issues :)
> Or since this is a crasher, just run your app and it'll crash?
> Or even better, add autotests that exercise the code and they'll crash too?

s/Or/And/ ? :)

BTW, not necessarily a crasher, the references can point to random data which 
still can get interpreted into proper QString data, which will "only" deliver 
bogus string results (or by chance even "correct" one if it's still the old 
data at the used memory), but not trigger a crash, as no data is changed, as 
the reference is only read from. At least from what I remember to have seen.

ASan seems to help here though, I think I fixed at least one such bug due to 
ASan throwing up use-after-free or similar on KDE CI and thus pointing out the