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Re: auto QString(Builder) considered VERY HARMFUL -> use clazy, especially before releases

Am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018, 20:08:54 CEST schrieb Andreas Hartmetz:
> Today I fixed the third or so crash in KDE software due to the following
> pattern:
> const auto str = someString + anotherString;
> What happens is that the type of str ends up being QStringBuilder
> instead of QString. The QStringBuilder is destroyed after the semicolon,
> and all access to "str" produces undefined behavior.

The QStringBuilder actually survives as long as str is in scope, but the 
references it potentially takes from someString or anotherString (if e.g. some 
temporary QString object as returned from QStringLiteral or other QString-
returning methods) will be no longer valid after the scope of the expression 
is left.
So if str is finally resolved to a real QString, those references are dangling 
and non-funny things happen.

> While I'm not a particularly big fan of using auto to hide variable
> types anyway, this kind of usage is just wrong and must be avoided.
> Please take care.

Care can be done e.g. by deploying clazy with auto-unexpected-qstringbuilder:

clazy-standalone \
	-checks=auto-unexpected-qstringbuilder  -p <buildroot>  <projectroot>


One would recommend to run clazy over your code at least before releases, to 
catch all kind of potential issues :)