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Re: auto QString(Builder) considered VERY HARMFUL

I would be awesome if clazy detected this :)
Em qui, 27 de set de 2018 às 15:09, Andreas Hartmetz
<ahartmetz@xxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
> Hello,
> Today I fixed the third or so crash in KDE software due to the following
> pattern:
> const auto str = someString + anotherString;
> What happens is that the type of str ends up being QStringBuilder
> instead of QString. The QStringBuilder is destroyed after the semicolon,
> and all access to "str" produces undefined behavior.
> While I'm not a particularly big fan of using auto to hide variable
> types anyway, this kind of usage is just wrong and must be avoided.
> Please take care.
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Daniel Nicoletti

KDE Developer - http://dantti.wordpress.com