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Re: Feasibility of KDE application

hi Johannes

and thank you for your thoughts.

The root privilege needed was in the import part where programs might have to be installed, but that isn't the focus initially.

Using appstream files sounds like a great idea, but wouldn't this need to be accepted as a standard (first or down the line)?
Initially I will go about it manually, but hopefully this could be viable in the long run.
"maybe we could add that information to the appstream files"
  • Where does one make contact to try and make this happen?
Overwriting config files should be possible if the import functionality can stop the display manager, drop to terminal, execute the import from there and start the display manager again, right?

Thank you

Den ons. 15. aug. 2018 kl. 11.41 skrev Johannes Zarl-Zierl <johannes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Ade,

(Sorry for top-posting I'm typing on the phone)

>From a user perspective: yes, we definitely should have something like this.

There should not be a need for root privileges, though.

As for getting information about which config file to use: maybe we could add that information to the appstream files? Hardcoding configuration files in you program certainly won't scale.

Overwriting config files while programs are running won't work. That's probably going to be an issue with desktop settings (and apps as well).

Regarding system-dependent configuration: we briefly talked about this during the configuration box at Akademy. The consensus seems to be that this is actually resolution-dependent configuration. Some apps already store window placement and state per resolution. Not all, though...


Am 14. August 2018 22:11:15 MESZ schrieb Anders Gade <anderslgade@xxxxxxxxx>:
>I'm contemplating building an export tool for Plasma 5 configurations
>on config files on an existing system - from what I can gather mainly
>located in ~/.config, ~/share and the likes. It will need to use ksudo,
>since I figure some things will rely on installing third party programs
>such as Latte Dock for example.
>The thought is to make it possible to import the exported file to a
>system and get both look and feel, keyboard shortcuts and other
>(Dolphin settings etc) setup in no time.
>I've made a mockup in designer so you can see the general idea (I'm
>planning to build it in Python3 & PyQt5) :
>[image: PEK.png]
>Is this feasible at all? I'm a bit concerned if I should use my energy
>elsewhere if I have to fight the system all the way to make this
>Specifically I'm wondering:
>- Can I just replace these files on a new system (I've found accounts
>the net of these files being overwritten if changed - is there any
>truth to
>   this)?
>   - It seems like especially the desktop setup is tied to the specific
>system it is configured on (in regards to screen resolution and
>   of panels etc.)
>   Is this prevailant through a lot of the settings?
>   - Is there some sort of overview anywhere of which settings files
>   belongs to where?
> From what I've found so far I need to concentrate on *rc files, but it
>   seems easy to miss some crucial parts?
>- Is there a better way? I've read about kwrite a bit, but it seems the
>   script then needs to run at every boot
>   - Any other pitfalls or inputs?
>I hope someone will chime in with some input. And apologies if
>something is
>unclear - english is not my first language.
>Thank you

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