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Re: Feasibility of KDE application


As Johannes already pointed out we had a Config Workshop, maybe the
updated slides help you a bit:


2018-08-14 um 22:11 Anders Gade wrote:
> I'm contemplating building an export tool for Plasma 5 configurations
> based on config files on an existing system - from what I can gather
> mainly located in ~/.config, ~/share and the likes. It will need to use
> ksudo, since I figure some things will rely on installing third party
> programs such as Latte Dock for example.

I think you really should avoid ksudo. It is strange that you would need
root for copying files into the home directory. Please make a backup of
every file you change, or place it under version control.

> Is this feasible at all? I'm a bit concerned if I should use my energy

Of course it is, I am synchronizing my whole home directory, with some
small exceptions. E.g. there are some config files like


which make little sense to synchronize as they mostly contain
hardware-specific information.

Some files, like


are challenging as they are mostly a serialization and not really
designed as configuration file.

> elsewhere if I have to fight the system all the way to make this happen.
> Specifically I'm wondering:
>   * Can I just replace these files on a new system (I've found accounts
>     on the net of these files being overwritten if changed - is there
>     any truth to this)?

Of course you can replace these files. Some might be overwritten on exit
of the respective application, though. (Iirc krunner did this.) I am not
aware that this is documented somewhere.

>   * It seems like especially the desktop setup is tied to the specific
>     system it is configured on (in regards to screen resolution and
>     placement of panels etc.)

Johannes already answered this.

>     Is this prevailant through a lot of the settings?
>   * Is there some sort of overview anywhere of which settings files
>     belongs to where?

It might help if you look at the KConfig XT specification files. They
contain a lot of information about the configurations.

>     From what I've found so far I need to concentrate on *rc files, but
>     it seems easy to miss some crucial parts?
>   * Is there a better way? I've read about kwrite a bit, but it seems
>     the script then needs to run at every boot
>   * Any other pitfalls or inputs?

There are *many* pitfalls. You might need a lot of time until it works
reliable, especially on very different hardware.

In the config workshop we discussed that things like "privacy",
"transience", or "visibility" of configuration settings should be
specified. KConfig XT could be extended to do so, or in the further-away
future, not before Plasma 6 around 2020 *g*, Elektra's specification
language could be used. (see https://www.libelektra.org) Then the
individual applications could provide you with the information you need
to do something like that. At the moment it is a lot of guesswork and
trying out.

Nevertheless, have fun with your project!

best regards,
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