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Feasibility of KDE application


I'm contemplating building an export tool for Plasma 5 configurations based on config files on an existing system - from what I can gather mainly located in ~/.config, ~/share and the likes. It will need to use ksudo, since I figure some things will rely on installing third party programs such as Latte Dock for example.
The thought is to make it possible to import the exported file to a fresh system and get both look and feel, keyboard shortcuts and other behaviors (Dolphin settings etc) setup in no time.

I've made a mockup in designer so you can see the general idea (I'm planning to build it in Python3 & PyQt5) :

Is this feasible at all? I'm a bit concerned if I should use my energy elsewhere if I have to fight the system all the way to make this happen.
Specifically I'm wondering:
I hope someone will chime in with some input. And apologies if something is unclear - english is not my first language.

Thank you

Anders Gade