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Not building the latest KDE on Debian Stable


Trying to build KDE on Debian Stable. I'm stuck on these difficulties :

* I had to build Qt5 myself ('cos Debian's is outdated). Which Qt5 version should I use ? I used :

git clone git://code.qt.io/qt/qt5.git
cd qt5
git checkout 5.9
perl init-repository
./configure --prefix=/mnt/data2/kde/qt5git -opensource -release -nomake tests -nomake examples -confirm-license -no-gtk -dbus -no-separate-debug-info -xcb -system-xcb -qpa xcb -release -force-debug-info -reduce-relocations -optimized-qmake -no-gstreamer
make install

Is it correct ? Which one of these configure parameters (gathered from various docs) are actually necessary for a KDE build ?

How do I tell kdebuildsrc to use that qt5 without installing it my Debian (it'd  compete with Debian's) ?

* Wayland must be upgraded too. I did :

xz -d ~/Downloads/wayland-1.14.91.tar.xz
./configure --prefix=/mnt/data2/kde/wayland --disable-documentation
make install

How do I tell kdebuildsrc to use it without installing wayland on my Debian ? Should I use something like : export PKG_WAYLAND_CLIENT=... ? But kdesrcbuild seems to know about client and server whereas the wayland libs also have the "protocols" thing...

* Should I build qtwebkit ? I did this :

Downlaoded qtwebkit opensource 5.9.0 (is it right ?)
cd qtwebkit-opensource-src-5.9.0
# This was found on the web, dunno exatcly what it does :
sed -e '/CONFIG/a QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -Wno-expansion-to-defined' \
-i Tools/qmake/mkspecs/features/unix/default_pre.prf
mkdir -p build
cd build
# I use qt5's qmake because it seems this way it installs webkit
# in Qt's libs; without that it seems to be completely invisible
# to the build process, dunno why.
/mnt/data2/kde/qt5git/bin/qmake ../WebKit.pro

Again, how do I tell kdebuildsrc to use it ?

Can someone help me ? Thanks !