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Re: The VDG

Just a thought:
"If you want to point a finger, do it at me. I am at fault for not guiding sooner."

I don't think that we need to point fingers here. Or that we need a leader.

What we need is a guideline that everyone can understand and follow. We need to be a team. We need to put our pride by the side and discuss every view that one has on the subject.

Isn't just 'we don’t dimension that a graphic design that took us 2 hours to make will take 6 months to deliver'.
It's to understand the macro view of a project, it's to understand how everything is affected by that change. We need to measure that, and that is where I do +1 on your comment about a Project Management. The Agile Method has a lot of good practices that we can study and adapt for our use case.

Also, if we start to follows 'one leader', that can cause us future problems, as if the burden gets too heavy and so on, or as starting pointing fingers on stuff that we lost track just to have a 'fall guy'.
We need to share our knowledge and build the common base of that. We can't rely upon one person for that. Otherwise, all the history or the background will get to dust when 'the leader' gets out of the community.

We can have guidance, but I think that you don't need to take all of that upon you Andy.

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On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 6:38 PM, Stef Bon <stefbon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

my idea for the kde plasma desktop: create a 3d desktop. There are
already 3d effects,

Make it possible to put windows far away (= 3d effect), and others closer.


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