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Re: Upcoming change to mail infrastructure

Am 03.07.2018 um 12:29 schrieb Ben Cooksley:
> We've recently completed configuration of a new mail server which will
> be replacing the current system which handles kde.org mail. This
> system will be assuming responsibility for mailing lists as well as
> authenticated mail sending for those who require that service.

did you also notice and fix the long outstanding bugzilla SPF problems
within your own infrastructure before make checks even sharper?


there are at leat *three* problems:
* the notify mails have the envelope-sender of the reoprter
* postbox.kde.org don't skip SPF checks from bluemchen.kde.org
* the SPF can not match because bluemchen.kde.org is not
  in the reporters SPF
* finally you send backscatter-bounces for each and every
  mail back to the reporter that the notify to the others
  was rejected by postbox.kde.org and so reports don't get attention
* don't use reporters enevlope sender to begin with
* don't SPF check inbound mail within the own infrastructure
* don't backscatter to the innocent reporter
<kde-bugs-dist@xxxxxxx>: host postbox.kde.org[] said: 550
5.7.23 <kde-bugs-dist@xxxxxxx>: Recipient address rejected: Message
rejected due to: SPF fail - not authorized. Please see