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Flatpak/Snap BoF at Akademy


I would like to organize a BoF for Flatpak and Snap related stuff, to discuss 
our support of sandboxing, plans for future and so on. I would like to know 
whether there is an interest before booking a room for this.

Some stuff I can think of right now we can discuss:
* Flatpak and Snap support in Plasma Discover
  - current state
  - what is working, not working or need changes (I can think of new API for        
* Runtimes and packages
  - current state and plans
* Portals support 
  - what is done and what is missing or needs to be improved for Snap 
* Other stuff
  - like Flatpak/Snap support in KDevelop

I checked the schedule and there are already BoF planned so there are only few 
slots available. I would suggest having this BoF at Tuesday in the morning so 
it's not together with Plasma BoF or with KDE neon BoF at Tuesday afternoon. 
At Wednesday there is Wayland BoF in the morning and a daytrip afternoon and 
at Thursday people usually travel home (me included).

Let me know about your opinion.

Thank you