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Removing code from kdeexamples dir

>From what I can see, the kdeexamples repo is mostly unmaintained (the
last useful commit dates back to 2014), the master branch only
contains KDE 4 code and the frameworks-scratch branch is just as

I propose the following:
1. Create a branch (or tag) called master-unmaintained, master-old or
whatever you prefer, pointing to the current HEAD
2. Obliterate everything from the repo, leaving only a
README.unmaintained file, reading:

> This repository is unmaintained. To see the code, checkout the master-unmaintained branch

Most (if not all) the examples would have to be deleted anyway if
someone wanted to revive this repo, so I say we don't have a lot to
lose in terms of git history either.


Luiz Romário Santana Rios