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possible ABI break in frameworks

The commit:


results in apparently public symbols going missing


>From IRC.

[08:43] <acheronuk> sitter: does this break ABI in frameworks?
[08:45] <acheronuk> sitter: https://paste.kde.org/pj1kbp9un
[08:59] <sitter> acheronuk: assuming activitiesmodel is in fact a public
class: yes
[08:59] <sitter> adding a const anywhere changes the call signature
[08:59] <sitter>
[09:00] <sitter> You cannot...For existing functions of any type:change
its signature. This includes:changing any of the types of the arguments
in the parameter list, including changing the const/volatile qualifiers
of the existing parameters (instead, add a new method)

Confirmation that this is either an issue that needs to be sorted, or
one where there is no impact is appreciated.

Rik Mills