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Re: kdesrc-build: PolkitQt5-1


On mercredi 16 mai 2018 05:17:02 CEST Michael Pyne wrote:
> The only thing that comes to mind is the possibility of using the
> "CMAKE_MODULE_PATH" setting as well.
> From looking at the kdesrc-build code, we set CMAKE_MODULE_PATH for Qt
> modules, but don't also do the same (by default) for the module being
> built.
> For the majority of KDE code this shouldn't matter, as CMAKE_MODULE_PATH
> is used for the "Module" mode of CMake's find_package(), which most code
> no longer uses. Instead we use "Config" mode for most find_package()
> calls (which uses CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH).  See the find_package
> documentation for details. [1]
> CMake will use "Module" mode by default for find_package() calls that
> use the "simplified" syntax and for which it can find matching CMake
> modules. In the right setup that means it's possible for CMake to find
> different packages depending only on whether the find_package() call
> uses a simplified or complex syntax, which could explain why some
> modules found the wrong module and some did not.
> To confirm this, you could try exporting CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to something
> like "$HOME/kde/usr/lib64/cmake" manually, before running kdesrc-build
> for kauth.  Though I'm planning just to modify kdesrc-build to set the
> variable regardless just in case.
CMAKE_MODULE_PATH ? really ? exporting it should be considered bad practice.
CMake will ignore it anyway.

The only way to tell CMake where to find stuff is CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH and 
nothing else.