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Re: Closing old Plasma 4 bugs

On 11.02.2018 20:52, Nate Graham wrote:
All right, so let's give it a shot. How about we make it so that normal
users have full privilages except the following:

- Can't bulk change
- Can't change Importance field

We now see regressions caused by this particular change:
- new 'wishlist' tickets end up reported as 'normal'
- crashes (even from DrKonqi) end up reported as 'normal'

Manual intervention is needed to correct these wrong states,
see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=391187

Unfortunately, bugzilla does not differentiate between own tickets and
changing tickets from others, and I doubt it was our intention to
remove existing abilities, so I propose to revert the permissions for
the 'Severity' field.

Any objections?

- Can't re-open bugs in the CLOSED state