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Re: Changes to Phabricator review subscriptions

Le 09/05/2018 à 10:33, Boudewijn Rempt a écrit :
On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 10:08:28 AM CEST you wrote:
Hi all,

To improve the user experience around email and in-application
notifications from Phabricator, sysadmin have made some changes to the
configuration of our Herald rules.

Going forward, instead of subscribing projects to reviews, we will
only be subscribing mailing lists now.
So, should we now get all phabricator mail at, say, kimageshop@xxxxxxx, or
should we create a second mailing list, say krita-phab@xxxxxxx? I do want to
receive mail for everything krita-related that happens on phabricator!

For those reviews which have
already been created, they will be updated to reflect the new practice
the next time they are changed.

This means that individual project members will no longer receive
notifications and emails for every single review or task change that
affects their project. Instead, they will only receive notifications
and emails for reviews they have been individually subscribed to.

To help this change take full effect, it would be appreciated if
people refrain from adding Projects as reviewers, as that will have
the effect of subscribing the Project to the review as well
But what if that's what a project really wants?

That is also exactly what we use to do in GCompris... it's the best solution for us to easily connect the diff to the relevant group of people.
Subscribing our current mailing list is surely not what we want.

(Phabricator does not require you specify a reviewer)
I know. Most newcomers don't and do not specify any reviewer, so review
requests often fall between the cracks.
Should anyone have any questions regarding this, please open a thread
on the kde-devel@xxxxxxx mailing list.

I discovered today that I did not have a subscription to this list and that
there are no archives, so I've missed all discussions, if there have been any.
I would have expected the discussion to happen on kde-community, but maybe we
just have too many mailing lists.

I am subscribed to this list but didn't see much discussion on the topic before this change announcement.