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Re: Can a GSoC 2018 student attend Akademy 2018?

Hi Dileep,

On 2018-04-24 17:06, Dileep Sankhla wrote:
> I am a GSoC 2018 student under KDE Community and I want to attend
> Akademy 2018 to be held in Vienna, Austria from 11-17 August. I have
> checked the webpage and found that the last date for proposal has been
> passed away (March 12). 

That was the end date for the CfP.

> Is it still possible to attend Akademy during GSoC period (final mentor
> evaluation phase) with travel reimbursement? 

The first round for travel support is already over, but there is gonna
be a second round, with a deadline of 31st of May.
Until then you can still apply for Travel Support at


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