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Re: bugs.kde.org: kio vs frameworks-kio vs kfile etc.

On lunedì 9 aprile 2018 20:01:03 CEST, Nate Graham wrote:
Howdy folks,

Hi Nate,

Right now we have a lot of KIO bugs scattered around in various places:
- kio
- frameworks-kio
- kfile

Should we mark kio and kfile as not accepting new bugs

Yes, since we stopped releasing kdelibs last November.

add some more components to frameworks-kio, consolidate everything there


Note that this is not kio-specific: every library in kdelibs that used to have its own bugzilla product should be "merged" with the new frameworks-xxx product (actual bugs still open should be moved, everything else should be closed). As you can guess, it requires a lot of work.

and then eventually remove kio and kfile?

What about old bugs? They should still belong to those products because that's where the bug used to be. So we cannot just delete them.