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Problem in GCompris unit testing


Currently, I am working on GSoC exercise as given by the mentors. I
facing some problem in CMAKE while compiling the qml test. My Question

How to import the activity libraries in the test directory? So that it
can use in the test.

I write CMakeLists.txt file is something like this:
when I import the files which I going to be tested in our test file,
It gives the error in the followings lines of the imported file.

    import QtQuick 2.6
    import GCompris  1.0
    import Box2D 2.0 as Box2D

when compile, it gives the error like this: Error:
~/gcompris-qt/src/activities/balancebox/balancebox.js:30,1: module
"QtQuick" version 2.6 is not installed OR module "GCompris" is not
installed OR module "Box2D" is not installed.
Whereas all the files of the GCompris are importing QtQuick 2.6 &&
GCompris 1.0 and it compiles successfully.

Currently, I am using the Qt5 version 5.6.1 and the following methods
for importing in the file like this:
    import "../../src/activities/balancebox"
    import "../../src/activities/balancebox.js" as Activity
Correct me if I am wrong.

please help me !! So that I can compile the test
Himanshu Vishwakarma