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Re: Trouble with tool bars

El diumenge, 1 d’abril de 2018, a les 16:00:09 CEST, Robin Atwood va escriure:
> On Sunday 01 April 2018, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > El divendres, 30 de març de 2018, a les 17:36:32 CEST, Robin Atwood va
> > 
> > escriure:
> > > I want to add a short-cut to one of the tool bars but I don't have a
> > > QAction for it. I tried listing the contents of
> > > actionCollection()->actions() but neither of the tool bars appeared. How
> > > do I find the QAction?
> > 
> > QAction for what? showing/hiding the toolbar?
> I want to add a shortcut and connect to the triggered() signal. I tried
> adding my own menu action to show/hide the toolbar but then I still get a
> duplicate action under "Toolbars Shown" which is automatically generated.
> Can that be suppressed? Doco for kpartgui seems a bit sparse and some
> attributes (noEdit, shortcut) don't seem to do anything.

I guess the code is your documentation at that point if you think things 
aren't working.


> Thanks
> Robin