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Re: Trouble with tool bars

El divendres, 30 de març de 2018, a les 17:36:32 CEST, Robin Atwood va 
> My first KDE4 to KF5 port has gone well and the app now compiles and runs
> without any warning messages. :) However, I am now trying to improve some
> things. I have a tool bar which is created by the XML support:
> <Menu name="settings">
> <MergeLocal name="show_toolbar_merge"/>
> 	<Action name="settings_main_toolbar" append="show_toolbar_merge"/>
> 	<Action name="settings_filter_toolbar" append="show_toolbar_merge"/>
> <MergeLocal name="show_merge"/>
> </Menu>
> <ToolBar name="filterToolBar" orientation="bottom">
> 	<text>Filter Toolbar</text>
>     <Action name="filter_icon"/>
>     <Action name="filter_edit"/>
> </ToolBar>
> I want to add a short-cut to one of the tool bars but I don't have a QAction
> for it. I tried listing the contents of actionCollection()->actions() but
> neither of the tool bars appeared. How do I find the QAction?

QAction for what? showing/hiding the toolbar?

> Secondly I want to give a line-edit widget in one of the tool bars focus
> when the bar becomes visible, so I tried:
> connect( toolBar( fTB ), &KToolBar::visibilityChanged, this,
> &KmTail::toolBarVisible );
> There are no runtime warning messages but the slot is never driven. What am
> I missing?

Is the code available somewhere online? Much easier to try to help you if we 
can look at it.


> Thanks
> Robin