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Re: KDE in prefix install

On Donnerstag, 29. März 2018 03:26:08 CEST Michael Pyne wrote:
> This might be good to put into the sample configuration available in the
> kdesrc-build repository as well, which might even be what you were
> talking about.

I was thinking there are two or three way of installing ḰDE, to /, to /usr/
local and to a non-system prefix (under /opt or home-dir). It wouldn't be too 
much to at least describe what configuration or manual corrections post 
install is needed for those combinations. 

> First I'd want to understand whether kauth generates these .policy files
> already and just doesn't install them (maybe it would with
> "make-install-prefix sudo" enabled)?  Or do we just need to add some
> appropriate flags to cmake when building kauth?
The files weren't even generated in the build directory, and I couldn't find 
commands supposed to make them in the makefiles. So I assume cmake somehow 
doesn't know what it is supposed to do. On reason this can go wrong is because 
kauth has multiple different backend modes, and only the polkit-1 mode needs 
these files, kauth did detect the correct mode during its cmake setup, so I am 
gusesing something during kauth install needs to install cmake files that are 
found by cmake during powerdevil building.