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KDE in prefix install

So after leaving neon to use a newer ubuntu (needed it for my hardware), I 
have started building KDE myself again and tried setting my tradition install 
in /opt and building with kdesrc-build.

I ran into a number of issues, many minor things I have already fixed by 
patches. But there were two bigger issues with dbus-1 and polkit.

First kscreen doesn't work because it can't find its backends. While not 
easily found, I did eventually find suggestions online to fix this by adding a 
file in /etc/dbus-1/session.d with the prefix service dir. I talked to the 
dbus people and they seemed positive about automatically using XDG env 
variables to do that automatically in the future, but currently you still need 
to add that file. Perhaps kdesrc-build could document that and maybe have a 
sudo install mode that installs that?

The second issue was that powerdevil brighness controls didn't work. This was 
because of something similar with the actions and services not installed for 
polkit-1, this is a bit more complicated as polkit-1 does not allow you to add 
extra prefix directories. So you need to add the actions in /usr/share/
polkit-1/actions. And those files you need to install are not even generated. 
I have tracked it down abit and found that kauth actually has a tool to 
generate the action files and have a cmake command kauth_install_actions that 
is even used by powerdevil, but the .policy files are still not generated nor 
installed in prefix or /usr/share by kdesrc-build. Anyone know why this is?