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Phabricator mail disruption

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed that the delivery of Phabricator mail has
been disrupted over the past few hours. This is due to Spamcop
blacklisting the relays used by Mailgun to send our Phabricator email.

List moderators, i'm afraid you will need to approve any mail which
has been automatically held for your approval.

I have now resolved this issue by terminating our use of Spamcop. The
decision on their part to blacklist a major transactional email
processor is considered completely unacceptable and I can no longer
place any faith in the reliability of their blacklist.

Such decisions demonstrate, in my opinion, a complete and reckless
disregard for the impacts of their actions on others and a lack of
consideration for those who don't want to be used to force others to
take action against a third party.

I will also be filing a complaint with Mailgun concerning this as
their inability to resolve this in a speedy manner is not acceptable
either. It is likely our use of their service will also be terminated.

For those wondering why we were using Mailgun in the first place, this
is because Phabricator's handlers mail sending using SMTP are only
able to generate either HTML or Plain-Text email. When using Mailgun,
you can send both in the same email.

As some members of our community have an intense hatred of HTML based
email it is necessary for this compatibility option to be provided, as
the HTML formatted email is much nicer to work with for those who
don't mind HTML based email.

My apologies for the disruption.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin