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Re: GSoC2018 - Panel Improvement Proposal Idea


On 03/25/18 14:11, Furkan Tokaç wrote:
> For GSoC2018, as a long-term KDE user/lover, I want to make 2 important 
> improvements on KDE / Plasma-Workspace / Panel that will increase user 
> experience.

Both things sound like worthwhile fixes, but are not suitable as-is for
a GSoC propsal. They could be bullet points in a proposal like "polish
the panel user experience" or similar, but as you describe it, it's two
little bug fixes which might be done with two lines of code each. That
is not a suitable scope for a project spanning 3 full man-months of
work, so I would recommend embedding them into a much broader project idea.

Best of luck,

P.S. since I read this so often: it's "improve user experience", not
"increase" ;)

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