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GSoC2018 - Panel Improvement Proposal Idea

Hi KDE Devs,

For GSoC2018, as a long-term KDE user/lover, I want to make 2 important improvements on KDE / Plasma-Workspace / Panel that will increase user experience. By this mail, I'll just talk about the improvements without any technical details. In the proposal, I'll tell about my plan to solve the issues.

--------------> Basic Information
I always use KDE by placing the panel left and enabling auto-hide option and as far as I see on the Internet, there are many people like me. I am using KDE for a long time so I know some weak parts about the panel.

Note : I am using and writing my comments according to X11, I didn't test the issues on Wayland.

--------------> Problem 1 : Freezes on unhiding
When I put my mouse pointer to the left corner to unhide the panel, it has a short freeze, and sometimes very long freezes. I think that these freezes are about widget updates because if there is an active event on the system tray or in the desktop widgets or there is a notification pop-up, it happens more. This is one of the basic feature and it should be flawless, I think.

--------------> Problem 2 : Auto-hide sensitivity
There is no setting for changing the sensitivity of unhiding event. There should be a setting to change this sensitivity like in Unity. (in unity, it is called "Reveal sensitivity")

I tried this issues in another computers and  they are common. After the discussion, if you think positive about this tasks or one of them, I'll submit the proposal.

Thanks for your interest!

Furkan Tokaç
Computer Engineering Department (4th Year)
Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus
METU NCC ACM Student Branch, Chair
m: +90 533 861 3930
w: http://furkantokac.com