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Recent disk mounting regressions in Solid framework

Howdy folks,
What are we going to do about https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=391706?

This regression made it into a Manjaro release and was noticed by Igor Ljubuncic in https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/manjaro-17-1-6-hakoila-plasma.html:

> Also, if you try to mount internal volumes (hard disks and/or
> partitions), even if you click only once, Dolphin will complain that
> the filesystem is already mounted rather than accessing it. So you
> waste time seeing both a bogus error and navigating to the right path.
> Why? Especially since this does NOT happen in KDE neon, also installed
> on this same box, with the same Plasma framework.

Looks like the Arch folks cherry-picked the patch, which is why Igor saw it in Manjaro despite using the same Frameworks version in Neon.

The regression was caused by the fix for a related regression (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=389479), which was caused by https://cgit.kde.org/solid.git/commit/?id=ed1e7f5fc5c083c17bd44e4220a35eae140f980b and https://cgit.kde.org/solid.git/commit/?id=1384f275ab2f1ad1841753ee163af6d1b0bb952b

I'm tempted to roll back this whole commit chain until we can figure out a non-breaking way to implement the feature.

Alternatively, does anyone have any ideas for how to sustainably fix the problems here?