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Re: Would it be good if I became baloo's maintainer?

On 15.03.2018 11:07, Milian Wolff wrote:
On Thursday, March 15, 2018 9:40:34 AM CET Michael Heidelbach wrote:

Getting the stuff I do for baloo reviewed takes a lot of time and poking
others. That is considerably slowing me down.
I think it's good to make you the maintainer officially. But while waiting for
reviews my slow you down, it is also usually an extremely valuable source for
learning C++. So independent of of whether you are a maintainer or not, if you
don't yet feel extremely confident with C++, still try to get reviews on
"bigger" stuff. Stuff that you consider harmless you can commit directly.
Milian, I see that exactly the same way! Reviews as a means to learn, yes, yes, yes. That is also the reason why I get impatient so easily, because I want to learn (faster).
And reviews, the more nit-picky the better, are very gratifying to me.
What I'm pretty confident about, is the decision, when a review is needed. But even when I consider something as harmless there's still room for improvement (doxygen comments, 'no c-style casts' and the like).
If there's bigger stuff that needs to be reviewed but noone does it in time,
ping us via mailing lists and/or IRC. I don't have a lot of time and don't
follow all review requests. But I learned most of my skills through reviews in
my early KDE times. Thus I feel obliged to give that back to others new to C++
and KDE. I bet this is the same for many others that are around for a long
That's good news.
I'm seriously thinking of becoming the maintainer for baloo (and maybe
baloowidgets). Then it would be easier for me to commit those patches I
consider as harmless e.g unit tests. Unless somebody else jumped in I
intended to maintain baloo eventually anyway. I would do it now(!)
mainly for practical reasons. Due to my lack of experience with c++, the
KDE way of using it and the KDE infrastructure in general I'm somewhat
reluctant. Questions arise:

   * What exactly does it mean to be the maintainer of a project and what
     tasks come with it?
   * What responsibilities come with it?
   * How is that done practically?
   * Do you think it's a good idea to have a newbie maintaining a project
     as deeply integrated into KDE as baloo?
   * What should be my general attitude towards that task?