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Re: Would it be good if I became baloo's maintainer?

On Thursday, March 15, 2018 9:40:34 AM CET Michael Heidelbach wrote:
> Hi!
> Getting the stuff I do for baloo reviewed takes a lot of time and poking
> others. That is considerably slowing me down.

I think it's good to make you the maintainer officially. But while waiting for 
reviews my slow you down, it is also usually an extremely valuable source for 
learning C++. So independent of of whether you are a maintainer or not, if you 
don't yet feel extremely confident with C++, still try to get reviews on 
"bigger" stuff. Stuff that you consider harmless you can commit directly.

If there's bigger stuff that needs to be reviewed but noone does it in time, 
ping us via mailing lists and/or IRC. I don't have a lot of time and don't 
follow all review requests. But I learned most of my skills through reviews in 
my early KDE times. Thus I feel obliged to give that back to others new to C++ 
and KDE. I bet this is the same for many others that are around for a long 

> I'm seriously thinking of becoming the maintainer for baloo (and maybe
> baloowidgets). Then it would be easier for me to commit those patches I
> consider as harmless e.g unit tests. Unless somebody else jumped in I
> intended to maintain baloo eventually anyway. I would do it now(!)
> mainly for practical reasons. Due to my lack of experience with c++, the
> KDE way of using it and the KDE infrastructure in general I'm somewhat
> reluctant. Questions arise:
>   * What exactly does it mean to be the maintainer of a project and what
>     tasks come with it?
>   * What responsibilities come with it?
>   * How is that done practically?
>   * Do you think it's a good idea to have a newbie maintaining a project
>     as deeply integrated into KDE as baloo?
>   * What should be my general attitude towards that task?

Milian Wolff