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Re: Is it possible to mock an external drive (for unit testing)?

Albert ,

I've been unspecific deliberately. Apparently too much, sorry.

This is what I want to do:

To identify a document baloo is using a combination of device id and inode. This is insufficient because at least on my system the device id is not constant. For external drives it changes with the order in which they are plugged in. There are also other reasons why baloo has to be more aware of file systems.

I want to make baloo's document identification mechanism more reliable and to be able to identify a drive unambiguously. For testing I'd like to have something better than plugging pendrives in and out, some mock drives with data to index would be optimal.

I'm currently figuring out the options how to tackle this. So there is are specific questions yet.



On 11.03.2018 23:39, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
El dissabte, 10 de març de 2018, a les 18:27:51 CET, Michael Heidelbach va

Is it? How?

Do examples exist?
You'll really need to be more specific, my initial answer would be, why would
you care if something is a external drive?


Thanks in advance,