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Re: KF5 Conversion problems

El diumenge, 11 de març de 2018, a les 14:40:56 CET, Robin Atwood va escriure:
> On Sunday 11 March 2018, Michael Pyne wrote:
> > > Yes, but the problem is the /usr/include/kdialog.h when it should be
> > > finding /usr/include/KF5/KDELibs4Support/kdialog.h. I have
> > > find_package(Qt5 Widgets... already.
> > 
> > Sounds like 2 problems I think.
> > 
> > First you need to fix the kdialog.h include in your software (or help
> > us identify where it is broken in the KF5 build system).  Is your build
> > system already looking for KF5::KDELibs4Support, and marking your build
> > target as depending on that library?
> > 
> > Even with this incorrect kdialog, you would think it would still find
> > the right QDialog though.  That's why it sounds like there's 2 problems.
> > I think the issue here is that there is no longer a QtGui/QDialog.  The
> > right path would be in QtWidgets/QDialog with Qt5.  It's better (and now
> > recommended) just to use a '#include <QDialog>' (and in general,
> > #include <QClassname>).
> I added KF5::KDE4Support to the target link libraries and that problem went
> away. This raises the problem: how do I know which link libraries I need? Is
> there a list of dependencies somewhere?

That's kind of a weird question.

You know which libraries you need to link to because you're using classes that 
reside in them.

How do i know that I need to link to QtWidget? 
Because you're using QLabel and the documentation says so.

How do you know that I need to link to KConfigWidgets?
Because you're using KColorScheme and the documentation says so.


> Thanks
> Robin